Understanding Ayurvedic Cosmetics

Nowadays the beauty business started using ayurvedic cosmetics. Ayurvedic cosmetics are the ancient form of the beauty enhancement process. Women are still obsessed with looking beautiful with natural cosmetics products.  Indian herbs are altogether well known across the globe. It helps with giving and keeping up with delightful skin and hair. Utilize product formulations that … Read more

3 Ways to Incorporate Herbs Into Spa’s Treatment at Casino Club

Since ancient ages, herbal remedies have been used to improve skin glow. Herbal substances applied on skin gives a more natural skin glow as well as reduce skin conditions. It keeps skin colour, skin glow and skin texture healthy and soft. Using herbal medicines you won’t have complaints of skin rashes and itches. Your skin … Read more

The Difference Between Spices and Herbs

What’s common in spices and herbs? Mostly they are used in foods for giving flavours and taste. They are major ingredients in all recipes around the world. Some are used for medicinal purposes while some are used only in food recipes. Spices and herbs are the main factors in human history. During earlier days, the … Read more

13 Types of Fresh Herbs

Herbs consist of natural healing elements. Whether you have a digestive problem or you are tired and sick, it helps. Fresh herbs like mint, basil and tarragon are commonly used as they have curative properties. Mint is used for indigestion and basil for kidney problems. Tarragon is used for snake bites. By this, you would … Read more