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Come Celebrate with Us as We Begin Our Second Quarter-Century!

The WNC Chapter of the NC Herb Association will host its 26th ANNUAL SPRING HERB FESTIVAL May 1, 2, and 3, 2015. Don’t miss it! We’re opening early on Friday and Saturday: booths are open for business at 8:30 a.m.!

This year our special guests will be representatives of the Herb Society of America. Come visit them at Booth 18.

The Herb Association represents the great variety of herb growers, herbalists, and related herb businesses in North Carolina, as well as natural gardening and landscaping specialists and makers of herbal ointments, balms, soaps, teas, sauces, and medicines. We hope you’ll join us and tens of thousands of other herb lovers for our 26th Annual Festival May 1, 2, and 3, at the WNC Farmers Market. It’s the greatest herb festival in the whole southeast!

Let Us Tell You ’Bout the Herbs and the Bees

In 2015 we’ll also have exhibits and presentations by representatives of Bee City USA and the Center for Honeybee Research in Asheville. Bees are among the most essential natural pollinators of flowering plants—a category that includes most familiar herbs—and the critical effects of colony collapse among hives across the country endangers our future. Visit their booth and learn how to develop a bee-friendly garden and help save this critical pollinator.

“If It’s Herbs, It’s Here.”

As always, herbs are the centerpiece of the festival. Whether you’re looking for herbal medicine, holistic treatment, herbal soaps and shampoos, gourmet cooking herbs, cookbooks, or organic gardening information, you’ll find the products you need, as well as herb experts and horticulture professionals from across the southeast.

Drought-tolerant planting

In part because of changes in global climate patterns, the availability of sufficient water has been irregular in recent years. In Western North Carolina, rainfall can be abundant one year and almost nonexistent another. Some years have early, heavy rainfall, others are dry until mid-summer. But many popular herbs, having developed around the Mediterranean, are drought-tolerant, and experienced gardeners know that xeriscaping with drought-tolerant herbs and using captured rainwater is always a wise budgetary move as well as ecologically important. As always, Master Gardeners from the Buncombe County Extension Service will be on hand during the festival to answer gardening questions.

herb festival home pageJoin us for our 26th year!

Together with the Western North Carolina Farmers Market (operated by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture), the Asheville Herb Festival has increased the public’s knowledge and love of herbs and herbal products for two decades. Our 26th annual festival will take place Friday, Saturday and Sunday, May 1, 2, and 3rd, 2015, at the WNC Farmers Market in Asheville, offering by far the best selection of herb plants in the southeast. Visit the directory page of our website to learn more about this year’s vendors. These dedicated herb specialists can be contacted at any time by consumers who wish to purchase their products.
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